Blogging and democracy

A singer/songwriter named Raul Midon wrote a song called “All the Answers,” that talks about how the internet puts the answer t every conveivable question within our fingertips. This is inspiring and troubling.

Inspiring because the web levels the playing field between the elites and the rest of us. Anyone with  spunk, interest in public affairs can be a blogger or a citizen journalist. There have been  many instances where these citizen journalist scooped and fact checked the pros.

However, there is a negative side to all of this that Tim Dunlop underplays. The elites have been too quick to describe all bloggers as irresponsbile people who traffic in hearsay and rumor. Dunlop minimizes the tendency of some blogs to exponetially increase the shelf life of half-truths, myths, speculation, conspiracy theories and outright lies.

  1. Ken Smith said:

    I wonder what passage you have in mind when you say that Dunlop minimizes the negative side of the new web publishing?

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