And the question is

Just like me to respond to the pressure of having to focus on finding a topic and a question. Tonight in class Professor Smith asked people to talk about their topic and the question that they will attempt to answer in their paper.

That was enough to chisel away the excess thought regarding my topic of leadership, transformative leadership and leadership succession. Way too general. So I narrowed it down by thinking about all of the examples of leadership I have seen in my life. I’ve witnessed people who had the ability to coax great performances out of individuals and groups.

These were transformative leaders in the true sense of the term in that they could empower people. The one thing that they could not do is institutionalize their successful formula so that the institution could continue its success after the leader left the scene. That led me to a couple of questions. First, what qualities constitute a transformative leader? Why is it so difficult for successors to maintain that same level of success?

  1. DebbS said:

    I think that relationship is often key to transformation. I’m not sure how you can institutionalize that.

  2. I think transformative leadership can sometimes be personality driven. Once the personality is gone, the leadership ends. In my opinion, good leadership should outlast the leader.

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