Three ways to inform

The three articles showcase three ways in which writers can inform the public. The explanation of the aurora is web based. These types of explanations can be done very well on the web. They are brief and include definitions of certain terms. These kind of web based explanatory articles are often used by students in book reports.

The Elkhart Truth story about how digital mapping photos will result in more revenue for water districts for several Elkhart County municipalities is an example of an explanatory news article. These articles are often short – no more than 10 inches of news print. They can be stand alone articles, but more likely they run as sidebars to longer news stories about the issue i. Stories often run with  photos and graphics that help illustrate the issue.

The final example is the explanatory opinion piece, which is seen with Thomas Friedman’s editorial on elite colleges such as Standford and Harvard offering free or greatly discounted courses on line that anybody can take and receive certification upon completion. Friedman believes that these  courses can revolutionize education by giving people across the globe a chance to learn and get a certification from Oxford or MIT and lift poor people around the globe out of poverty.

  1. Researching and explaining water resource management will require knowledge of science, technology and management terminology and theory. These articles gave me some ideas of how to present these to the reader. The key appears to be to make it interesting and fresh, without turning off the reader with information overload. Breaking the facts into manageable sections with concept building paragraphs will hopefully bring the reader along to the end, which should include why it matters. The nice thing is that we are free to experiment with different presentation styles as our topics unfold.

  2. And your blog post on these informative articles is very informative itself!
    While the Elkhart Truth article was quite short, it said all that was needed to give me an understanding of the subject. I felt informed and inspired to follow this subject to see what new developments may come along.

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