Abe Honestly

Three things account for my interest in Abraham Lincoln. I grew up on 823 Lincoln St. in Gary. In fourth grade I learned that Lincoln spent most of his early life in Indiana. Then there is the Civil War and the role Lincoln played in preserving the Union and ending slavery.

So as I was casting about looking for a lecture addressing my topic of leadership, I focused on finding something connected to Honest Abe. I found an event while scrolling through the University of Notre Dame’s calendar. Yale Professor Steve Smith, who edited and compiled some of Lincoln’s writings into a book called “The Writings of Abraham Lincoln” will speak to the Constitutional Minor Studies students on Tuesday, which just happens to be the 204th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.

In his lecture, “Lincoln’s Constitution,” Smith will show that although Lincoln never wrote a book, his thinking about the constitution was very refined and places Honest Abe among this nation’s leading political thinkers.

  1. Sounds like a good event. I saw another event recently that was called “Drinking With Lincoln”. I’m not sure it’s the kind of event you’re looking for, but you never know! 🙂

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