The word from on high about servant leadership

Servant leadership is a concept people of faith can embrace. As a Christian, I know that leaders are expected to lead by example. I used the example of Christ washing the feet of his disciples during The Last Supper as one example of servant leadership.

However, the Google Alert app clued me in to one more. This source pinpointed the passage found in Matthew 20 where Christ warns the disciples not to be like leaders who engage in conspicuous displays of piety and authority.

Christ seems to be aware that leadership positions attract a fair share of people with big egos, so he feels that is necessary to say that a true leader must be a servant who is willing to be humble and make sacrifices in the interest of his or her followers.

  1. As humans we can easily let power go to our head. I used to be in ministry and remember well the feeling of being the big fish in a little pond. Ministry can be a very artificial “bubble” to live in. I think the same is true of leaders in any situation. It is easy to start building one’s own legacy instead of thinking about the bigger picture. Mother Theresa is just one of many great examples of someone who influenced the entire world, and yet never seemed to care about her own legacy. Yet, she left an amazing legacy behind.

  2. DebbS said:

    Though charisma can be an important advantage in leadership, my gut reaction is to distrust it. A leader with charisma does get my attention, but more importantly, it’s how they live outside of the limelight that earns my respect.

    Concerning what joellisgreen said, I think it’s helpful to leaders to surround themselves with other leaders, in and especially outside their own ‘bubble’ to keep them focused. Mother Theresa is such a special case – I think that she immersed herself with what was so much bigger than she – God and mission. Most people need others to keep them focused on that bigger thing and away from themselves.

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