Don’t Get it twisted

Servant leader sounds soft, and I can see why someone might believe that subordinates will take advantage of servant leader.

However, as this blogger notes, being a servant leader does not mean that the leader will be a doormat. Leaders willing to be accountable and holding others to the same level of accountability will always be respected.

People have to produce, and those who are not willing to produce need to be dealt with. A servant leader who is consistent and holds all people to high standards won’t be used as a doormat.

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  1. I wonder if we can stretch your definition of a servant leader to the style of some college professors. By the time we hit the masters program the teacher-student hierarchy has transitioned to a mentor-student. Courses become as much about building student communities as the material. Once pointed in a direction, we learn from each other during class discussions and extend the dialogue outside the classroom. We are also mentored into how we move our work out into the community. And, if we don’t produce, we will be dealt with. The difference may lie in the sometimes frustrating psychiatric model of “well, what do you think” instead of a direct answer.

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