Monthly Archives: May 2013

This wordpress blog had a specific purpose. I’m sure every blogger can say the same. It’s more accurate to say that my blog had a a specific shelf life. I created it for a class on social media that I took at IUSB. I created the blog on Jan. 7. The blog lost its reason to exist on April 29. That is when I turned in my assignments.

The professor, Ken Smith, told me and my classmates that although he hoped that we would continue blogging, we were not under any obligation to do so. I didn’t ask, but I think all of my classmates plan to maintain their blogs in some fashion. I spoke to one classmate who indicated that he plans to continue blogging. He just wants to give it a break. I can dig that because the requirement for a grade part of the exercise added a layer of stress that we all might want to step away for a minute.

I’m going to resume blogging because the reason to continue is more compelling than the rationale for calling it quits – which boil down to I don’t have to do it anymore. And that’s not the case. I want and need to keep this up.

There are numerous reasons for keeping the site alive, but the best I need to learn how to become develop a more visible Web presence because people are increasingly coming here to get content and analysis. The big question for me is what will I talk about. The blogs for my class dealt with the topic of leadership because that is what my masters thesis will address. I’d like this blog to be about another topic. I just need to figure out what that topic will be. 

Books and music are two logical topics because I like to read and listen to music and because both are outgrowth of the kind of writing I do for the main employer The South Bend Tribune and my second employer I can do one or both. For now, lets just say the next phase of da conversationalist blog in in development. Until next time.  


Are gun control advocates ready to play the game. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) hopes so. He plans to reintroduce the compromise bill that he reached with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) The bill might have a chance to pass the Senate. Some of the Senators who voted no might welcome the mulligan because their polling numbers have plummeted. 

Senators tempted to dismiss the poll might want learn about what happened to Sen. Kelly Ayotte at a town hall meeting earlier this week.  Ayotte is one of the Senators who’s polling numbers dropped. 

Rejecting the vote angered background check supporters. That rage won’t be enough for them to overcome opposition of the dedicated people who oppose background checks. Supporters must organize, lobby, raise money and most of all vote to reward allies and punish foes in 2014 and 2016.