The difference between simple and easy

The Tour De France is a pretty tough event. The participants ride their bikes for more than 2,300 miles over a period of 23 or 24 days. That means they are covering about 100 miles a day. Lance Armstrong knows how tough the sport it. That’s why he used performance enhancing drugs to get a leg up. Armstrong gave an interview with the French newspaper LeMonde  that no rider can win without cheating. I will include the link to the LeMonde article here as it is in French.

It didn’t take long for Lance to backtrack, saying that he was referring to the impossibility of winning when he was racing and that LeMonde changed the verb tense from the was that he used to is. A lot of cyclist got busted for doping back in the day. Lance got away with it then, but the long arm of WADA caught up with him.

Still, it would have been as simple to win the TDF clean then as it is now. Somebody could have won the race clean if everybody would have decided not to dope. I said the solution was simple. I didn’t say it was easy.


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